Our certificates:


Our staff worked for several years as a part of a reputable international team of arbers, known now as ArbsTrading Ltd (http://arbstrading.com), where they were responsible for finding and calculating arbs opportunities. In early 2009 we were so convinced that we had discovered a better way of operating within the arbs market that our team of specialists founded SportArbs.com. After several consecutive months of consistently successful betting we are proud to report that we have not merely caught up with our former employer, but outstripped it. We have achieved this by diligently developing and implementing the most advanced methods of working with arbs. It is our discovery of some radically new principles of arbs processing that, along with a policy of returning a greater share of the profits to the investors, ensures the success of our company for many years ahead.


According to the calculations of our experts, the current ideal amount for the most advantageous return from arbs is 3,000,000 US dollars. We plan to launch a campaign soon with the aim of attracting this capital sum. Operating with the optimum amount will ensure a higher income for everybody, as the arbs will yield their highest potential gains. However, since the arbs market is limited, we have to limit the inflow of investments. As a consequence we have to operate on a 'first come, first served' basis.


The only major competitor for our company is ArbsTrading Ltd (http://arbstrading.com), which actively makes similar researches. But we are sure that they won't edge us out of the arbs market. Our confidence is primarily based on achieved success for the last several months.

Sportarbs International Corp.

Head office: New Zealand, Auckland
Tel: +64 98873280

About us

Our company has long-term contracts with extremely efficient specialists who have vast experience of working between bookmaker's offices, in the market known as arbitration (arbs). They are dedicated to their work for the company and its investors. One of our unique selling points is that, along with this highly skilled human resource, our company possesses special software to place bets automatically. Following years of research we believe that, due to our crucial understanding of betting essentials and the implementation of the most advanced systems available, we are two to three years ahead of our immediate competitors. Such a huge performance advantage is self-perpetuating, as we have already honed the system that our competitors have yet to replicate. You can rest assured that you are entrusting your money to a company where honest and competent experts are overseeing the most advanced software in the field.

Goals of the website and investment attraction

We aim to achieve the greatest possible profits by means of arbs betting between bookmaker's offices. The effectiveness of arb betting relies in part on the amount of the assets available with which to operate. If we only used our own assets, we would be unable to ensure the most effective use of arbs, thus receiving less than the optimum profit. We are therefore seeking investors to increase the effectiveness of our assets, thereby greatly increasing the return to our investors, and earning a small commission for ourselves from each investor's profits. The benefit of this cooperation is obvious. Accordingly, we offer this service to a wide audience using our investment website.

Risks of arbs

Theoretically, due to the nature of the bet, arbs have no risk. Practically, however, in exceptional instances problems can arise due to incorrect stake indication by a bookmaker's office, followed by their voiding of bets and rejection of assumed liabilities. We guarantee to our investors that such a force majeure, should it ever arise, will neither deplete their capital investment nor drastically reduce their profit. We confidently pledge this guarantee because our advanced software is designed to detect suspicious arbs. Furthermore, we have a stabilization fund to draw on should any unforeseen circumstances arise. All this ensures the safety of your money.


There are many illegal investment funds/pyramid scams, operating as a type of Ponzi scheme. To dispel any such fears about ourselves, we invite any potential investor to vet our business, and will assist any independent body examining our model. We are proud of the work we do and of our achievements.