How Sportarbs International Corporation Deploys Invested Capital

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Prudent investors often ask about the profitability and security of their potential investments into opportunities of 'betting arbitrage' (arbs) with our company. Accordingly, in our ongoing attempt for ever-clearer transparency, we offer the following detailed description of the characteristics of the investments that our company provides.

There are some big investment companies currently offering investments in arbs. Theoretically, investments in arbs have no risk. In practice, only our company can guarantee absolutely safe deals. This attention-grabbing guarantee is not couched in a specious use of language. Our guarantee is based on:

  • Advanced theoretical research into arbs, which enables the practical implementation of new arb types;
  • Highly qualified and dedicated experts working with our company;
  • Unique software calculating the most advantageous options;
  • A stabilization fund to protect from force majeure.

To increase our efficiency we decided to divide our company into two departments. The first department is responsible for the complicated technical work, i.e. continually advancing the theoretical and practical application of arbs. This is a huge amount of work - approximately 90% of the total workload of our company. The second department is responsible for the proper functioning of the website services, i.e. website content, money deposit and withdrawal, advertising, and client support.

According to the received questions, we have deduced that many investors seem to perceive arbs as something extremely simple. When we sum up all investors' inquiries, there is a general notion that there are only a few actions required to return a profit:

  • Invest money
  • Wait until an arb arises
  • Withdraw money from a bookmaker's office
  • Distribute money: 50% to an investor, 30% to a company, and 20% for expenses
  • Return the initially invested money to the investor.

This is a very generalized view of investments in arbs. But it will come as no surprise to many that arbs are not as simple as casual inquiry might suggest. Arbs betting is associated with very dynamic processes and it is impractical to limit investments to one arb type. Constant research into arbs is required, as well as updates of software designed for entering stakes in bookmaking offices.

In addition to the companies engaged in arbs business there are individuals (so-called arbers) who, following popular formulas, enter stakes in arbs from their home computers. Due to the high volume of arbers, as a group they become very strong competitors in arb betting at bookmaker offices. There are some experts among arbers who study the theory of arbs and publish new arb types on public resources, such as forums and blogs, etc.

Consequently, after a certain period some arb types become so well known that it becomes very difficult to place stakes with worthwhile returns on such arbs. That's why the success of a company such as ours is based on constantly finding new arb types and regular software updates to implement them.

A huge amount of money is required to finance the research and development required to secure the most lucrative investment possibilities in arbs. This is why the money that investors place with us is also required to develop all those things for which the first department is responsible. This means that the money is invested not only directly in the arb bets at bookmaker offices, but also into the realization of the continuation of such investment possibility. It should be obvious.

Some of you might ask, 'What about the 20% of profit paid for expenses?'

Investors should understand that the expenses are divided into two types:

  • Main expenses to provide the possibility to invest money into arbs (expenses of the first department);
  • Overhead costs (expenses of the second department).

Our company offers the most flexible investment-possibilities for all investors, such as the reinvestment of the full compound rate, up to 100%, without any deductions. In a typical investment period 30-40% of the net profit is derived from the accrual of the stake due to the addition of 100% of the compound rate of return.

Investors should understand that the calculation of arbs is specific. The money invested/deposited with us is used to discover and develop the investment possibilities that generate the profits. The investor receives a sum of 50% of the net profit that has been generated by their deposit - which we guarantee to be more than 100% of the amount deposited - at the end of the investment term. Investors should understand that the 50/30/20 split is to their advantage, as it means that the largest slice of the profit-pie is returned to the investor.

We advise investors to be cautious about companies or private individuals that offer to invest money in arbs and promise whatever the investor wishes to hear, including the return of stake and fabulous interest rates. We offer the terms described above because we know they are realistic and we are convinced that it is not possible to offer terms that are better. Only those 'investment funds' working to the notorious Ponzi scheme purport to offer better, but they just temporarily cloak their activity by working arbs to mesmerize unwary investors with unachievable claims.

We hope the above explanation of how Sportarbs International Corporation deploys invested capital is clear and answers many of the typical questions that investors may have. Should you still have any questions, please feel welcome to contact us through our website.

Yours sincerely,

Sportarbs International Corp.