Fine words or real guarantees?

Since the day we launched our SportArbs service, a lot of investors have asked questions about the nature of our business. That is quite normal. Every person who invests their money with us is fully entitled to demand evidence from our company that we really do have a different approach to arbitrage betting - and really can make the profits we claim.

Our policy is 'less words; more work.' However, some of our investors have recently been swayed by fine words from projects of no substance. This became clear after we terminated our cooperation with Liberty Reserve, as a direct response to their problems, on New Year\'s Eve. At the time there had emerged a lot of illegal HYIP projects proclaiming fine words, juicy bonuses, and attractive interest rates on deposits. Many of our investors didn\'t understand that it was just fine words, and chose to move their investments with us to some of these projects. This caused an outflow of investments for us. To compound matters, as expected the New Year naturally played its own part in this outflow.

As every single cent is 100% secure with our company, all investors who chose to do so were able to withdraw their funds. However, this sudden outflow did not adversely affect our performance for our individual investors - although it did of course reduce our own gross profits. The projects that gave only fine words are unable to honor all withdrawals, and many have already been shown to be nothing more than fine words. Astute investors will note that, even on New Year's Eve, we were alert and able to respond to a perceived security issue. Furthermore, our decision to disassociate ourselves from Liberty Reserve, even though this was likely to cost us some investors, is a healthy indicator of our integrity and long-term self-confidence.

We feel aggrieved, insulted even, when somebody compares us with an illegal HYIP project designed purely to procure as much money as possible for the owners. Some investors often marvel at the interest rates, bonuses, withdrawal terms, and so on, and become so beguiled by the fine words that they forget the most important thing. Yes, it's secure guarantees for their money that the investors neglect when they are under the mesmeric effect of the vividly conjured pictures and attractive offers.

After nearly a year of successful operation, we came to the conclusion that many investors distinguish between real and so-called 'classic' guarantees. The classic guarantees are understood by investors as:

1) All official papers and acceptance of payments to a bank account
2) An office that investors can visit to meet with the company management.

Stop! It's important to understand that all these things, regardless of their quantity, are just a waste of your and our time and money.

'Why?' you might ask. It's simple:

1) All official papers and acceptance of payments to a bank account

Definitely, we comply with legal requirements and have all the necessary documentation. However, if we decide to accept direct payments to our bank account from citizens of all countries, we have to obtain a prohibitive quantity of licenses, permits, certificates, and other bureaucratic documentation in every single country. The effort and cost behind such a policy would be extreme, and possibly frequent, and we would practically have to turn our business model into an international bank structure. Why should we diverge so, diverting our energies and raising our costs, when our focus, passion, and business is with arbitrage betting and we already work well with e-currency?

2) An office that investors can visit to meet with the company management.

We have an office where we make decisions important for the corporation. But it's not public. We would incur huge overheads were we to decide to open a public office for investors. The one-off and repeat costs of a suitably prestigious location, along with the salary, tax, insurance, holiday and sick pay for staff to run the office or meet the investors - all these costs would inflict a severe and negative impact on the level of return that we are currently achieving.

Some investors illogically demand 'classic' guarantees from us. Their position is illogical because they currently receive an average of 30-40% profit, monthly. If we satisfy the demand of such investors by provision of classic guarantees, we won't differ from a common bank with a 4-5% interest per year. So our message to those requiring the plush office and glossy brochures is: "Please go to the nearest bank and invest your money there! You will be met, informed, and provided with lots of reassuringly expensive paperwork."

We believe that savvy, reputable investors will understand the position of our company. That's why we are ready to provide real guarantees to all reputable investors through our professional, and astonishingly successful, work with arbs.

For those who want to try placing arbitrage bets themselves, is a unique service providing information on arbitrage situations. More than 70 bookmakers are scanned in a 24/7 mode, and over 400 types of arbitrage situations can be searched through to locate the ones for you.

This service is not free. We hope you understand that. A small subscription fee will be charged and directed to the maintenance of a support service and other expenses relating to providing the information on arbitrage situations. Investors with SportArbs please note that all the arbitrage situations provided by our company will remain absolutely free!

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